There are three types of membership:

  • Ordinary members
  • Sustaining members
  • Honorary members

The society has 121 members at present.


To JOIN, please send an email to to register as a new member and pay your membership fees.


Any member of the Society can be granted honorary membership on the grounds of exceptional contributions to Nematology or to the Society over an extended period.

The following people are honorary members of the NSSA:

Dr K P N Kleynhans (in memoriam)

Dr E van den Berg

Prof D de Waele

Ms E Cameron

Dr J A Shepherd

Prof A J Meyer (in memoriam)

Prof J Heyns (in memoriam)

Prof D Loots

Dr V Spaull

Sustaining members

According to the Constitution of the NSSA, a sustaining member “shall be any person or body of persons contributing funds other than regular membership fees to the Society on a continuous basis”. The contributions of sustaining members are used to fund the George Martin Scholarship for training of Nematologists in the Southern African region.

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